Hi from Southern France again

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Piao Liang
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Hi from Southern France again

Postby Piao Liang » Thu Mar 26, 2015 10:06 am

I am Piao and I am living in the South of France, Marseilles.
My lithops are in a room with a door open to a terrace and they get lots of filtered sun and air circulation. At night, the door is closed. I water them with Volvic water as the water here is very hard. They are in pumice or a commercial substrate special for Lithops.

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Re: Hi from Southern France again

Postby marcours » Fri Mar 27, 2015 8:18 am

Welcome :)

Happy to meet a french Lithops addict :)

Marc from Lyon.
"Lithops tray is like a chocolat box" Forrest Gump .

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Re: Hi from Southern France again

Postby admin » Sat Mar 28, 2015 9:41 pm

Welcome back to Lithops Forum Piao! Thanks for signing up again.
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